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Virtual Book Signing in Now

A House Divided

and is Part of


Virtual Book Signing is evolving! It’s now called A House Divided.
It is part of our host of programs at AuthorsVoice.net.

Author’s Voice is a network of book programs designed to bring authors directly to you, live,
via any internet-enabled device.

Currently, the network includes a program for children, LadyBird & Friends; and a program for Lincoln and Civil War books, A House Divided, formerly Virtual Book Signing. Debuting in September is What’s It About? our program for classic literature  hosted by two up-and-coming Chicago comedians.

In development are shows for Mystery, Romance, and a program for Young Adults.
Going forward, we see an entire network with Fiction-General and Historical, Fantasy & Sci Fi,
Horror and Thrillers, History and Pop Culture.

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